How To Learn English Grammar Through Pictures

Have you ever peeped into your mind? Do you see your mind as a dense jungle of words or as a huge album of pictures? In fact your mind is a wonderful universe of your own which nobody else can enter unless you invite. How can you invite one to enter your universe unless you have words? Words are the keys to open the doors of your mind. With each word you utter you open a door to your listener and he sees some part of your universe.

Have you ever thought that the words you use create pictures in other people’s minds? How do words come to you to express your thoughts if there were no pictures in your mind? First, you see a person, an animal or a thing, then, you learn the name. As soon as you learn the name, it hides itself behind the picture of the person, the animal or the thing you saw. Whenever you hear the word or see the word the picture appears in your mind’s eye and whenever you want to say something pictures followed by words emerge.

Once you understand this truth about learning languages, you can find the correct path to learn ENGLISH. Start learning English through pictures. Look at a picture and then learn to read it using words. Don’t try to memorize words. Just remember the picture and word together. Words cannot survive without pictures. The more words you have, the better you can express your thoughts. Then, you can open all the doors of your universe and invite others to come and see your own wonderful creations. That is what great writers do by creating master pieces with words. Learning English through pictures is the one and only method of successful Learning.

Teaching English Abroad Jobs: Points To Remember

English is the new lingua franca in international trade, business, higher education, diplomatic relations and other forms of communication. So, the knowledge of English has become a necessity, which in turn has boosted teaching opportunities abroad. A native English speaker is the best resource for teaching English abroad. However, a formal training in English as Second Language (ESL), be it Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), is beneficial for people looking to teach English. There are great job opportunities for ESL teachers in Asia, Eastern Europe and other areas where English is not the native language. However, ESL jobs are also available in countries whose native language is English.
Teaching English Abroad: Importance of TEFL or TESOL Course
A TEFL or a TESOL course is a training program that provides the necessary skills and the confidence for teaching English abroad, as a foreign language or a second language. It teaches ways of making lessons interesting and dealing with different student requirements. These courses can range from intensive weekend courses to flexible online courses and short-term overseas courses. Specialized courses for teaching business English or teaching young learners also exist. You can find a host of English teaching jobs abroad through recruitment agencies and TEFL course centers or professional agencies.
Teaching English Abroad: Points to Consider
Although ESL or EFL teachers can find high-paying short term teaching English abroad jobs in the Middle East, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, it is important to remember the following points:
Know the rules of teaching foreign languages in the country where you are applying for the job. Some countries place restrictions on opening foreign language schools.
Check the credentials of the employer who is offering you the job. To protect yourself from unscrupulous elements, rely on established and reputed networks or forums that connect students, schools and teachers of ESL.
Awareness about the political situation of the country that you are traveling to is a must. Political unrest, civil war or any other disturbance may threaten the stability of an otherwise lucrative job.
At, you can learn about the best learning and job opportunities that exist in ESL. This one-stop-shop for English learning and teaching needs also provides you the resources for guiding you in the best direction possible.

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